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Myoko Ski Resort Land

The region takes its name from Mount Myoko, the vast 2,454m mountain that dominates the south-west Niigata skyline and is home to five of the Myoko ski fields. 

Myoko san is an active volcano, the second of the five big volcanoes that cross Japan in the north-south line, though “active”, the last eruption was over 4,000 years ago. When not erupting, volcanoes mean fertile soil and thermal hot springs, and it is as the latter that Myoko became established as a destination for onsen lovers. The first of Myoko's onsens to be established was Seki Onsen, which has welcomed visitors to its iron-rich waters since 1729.


In 1937, the Akakura Kanko Hotel was built as one of Japan’s first European-style resort hotels.  

Mount Myoko - Hot Springs and History

The most famous characteristic of Myoko is that it snows a lot!  A typical season can bring 15 meters of cumulative snowfall. Despite this, temperatures are relatively mild, often in a range of -1 to -5°C on the slopes. 


The western coast of Japan is one of the few areas in the world that receive such heavy snowfall. The cold dry air from Siberia picks up moisture from the Sea of Japan and as this air hits the Japanese Alps, it dumps snow and moisture onto the land underneath.

Myoko Kogen Ski resort Snow.jpeg

Winter in Myoko - The Home of Powder Snow

There is so much snow here, that unless you shovel it from the roof regularly, the structure of the house can be compromised.

Clearing snow from around the property is very important but certain protocols must also be followed in line with community expectations. If you are not around to clear the snow you must organize a local company to do it for you on a regular basis. Myoko Real Estate can assist you with making arrangements for your property. 

More than a real estate consulting agency, we also provide other services such as Property Management which can include snow shoveling.

Myoko Resort Snowfall Predictions

Enjoy the colors of Myoko's green season

Myoko Kogen Onsen

The area around Myoko Highlands is a popular destination for lovers of onsen, a Japanese public hot spring, where people love to relax in the healing  waters.


There are several public baths in the area, from Akakura to Tsubame. Even the main street has a few spots to dip your feet into foot baths.

Breathtaking Natural sites

With the large amount of snow melting at the end of the snow season, the waterfalls are an amazing sight. Naena Waterfall is one of them. Named after its thundering sounds of water crashing onto the large boulders below, the Naena Waterfall stands 55m tall, framed by a steep basalt wall giving its fierce spectacles. Naena offers varied experiences in each of its seasons.

Another loved site is Sotaki Waterfall. Sotaki observation Deck is located past the outdoor hot spring "Ougon no yu" which offers a view of the falls, which boasts a fresh greenery in spring and the autumn leaves in fall offering particularly beautiful scenery of the 80-meter drop waterfall. 

Get inspired by all the places to visit on the Myoko Tourism Site. 

Lake Nojirico Myoko Kogen

Hiking and Biking the Myoko Mountains

Whether you are looking for gentle family friendly trails, or overnighting on craggy peaks, Myoko has it all.  A maze of well groomed trails grace the nearby ponds, lakes and streams.  

Naena Waterfall Autumn Myoko Kogen

Lake Nojiriko is one of  the most popular summer destinations for those looking to escape from the city and immerse themselves in the cool natural surroundings. Life at the lake in summer is in full swing, with restaurants and weekend markets. Simply snooze on the shore or paddle a canoe out to Biwa island that houses the sacred Uga Shinto shrine. For those with energy to burn, you can enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddle, wakeboarding, biking as well as hiking around the lake. 

Besides being a relaxing getaway, fossils from the glacial age were discovered here in 1948. In the 50 years since then, about 83,000 fossils and other items have been unearthed over the years during excavations including those of Naumann elephants and elks from 40,000 years to 60,000 years ago. You can learn more with a visit to the Lake Nojiri Naumann Elephant Museum.

Golf Courses Galore

The wide open spaces nestled in the valley stretching from Joetsu to Nagano makes Myoko Kogen the perfect place to practice your swing. The 9 different courses in the nearby vicinity span from budget community courses to the exclusive golf resorts. 
For those keen for some quality tee time, you could easily spend a couple of weeks in Myoko just playing golf! Generally courses offer a package that includes your round of golf, the cart and also lunch. Club rental is also available at each resort, and often there is an onsite onsen to relax after your game. 

Take a Break by the Lake

Image by Courtney Cook

For the more adventurous, lace up your boots as you take on Mt. Myoko or Mt Hiuchi, one of Japan's most famous peaks. 
For even the more adventurous, do the same thing but with a mountain bike. There are a lot of places to rent them in the area and it will give you the boost of adrenaline that you might need. 
Check out
Go Myoko which has a lot of recommendations and even rental gear. For more on activities and tours, visit Myoko Tourism Website.

Restaurants & Bars

Wakame and Rice

There are a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from in Myoko, with a good concentration of them being in Akakura Onsen.

The list of restaurants and bars is endless and include traditional Japanese cuisine as well as fine and western dining restaurants. Among the diversity of choice, you will enjoy udon, soba, and ramen but also yakiniku, nabe, okonomiyaki, shabu-shabu as well as some Izakaya places. 

Myoko Tourism gives you a detailed list of the nicest places around.

With easy access to eight local ski resorts, Myoko Kogen is one of Japan's top destinations for powder skiing and snowboarding. With its world-famous snowfall, hot thermal baths, and selection of bars and restaurants, it's no wonder that Myoko is a top winter destination for domestic and international travelers alike. But Myoko is more than just a winter paradise. This gorgeous mountain town is the main access point for plenty of green season attractions and activities.  

Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts: Nature's Best. Year Round.

The area can be reached easily from Tokyo via the Hokuriku shinkansen direct to Nagano or Joetsu. With both Nagano city and the new Joetsu Arai bullet train stops, Myoko is accessible no matter where you are coming from.

More general info can be found by looking online on or

Myoko Mountain Powder Snow

Getting to Myoko Ski Resorts

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